Sunday, 28 October 2012

The End

I've learnt a a lot through my induction blog which I can carry onto my next. Check out my thriller blog at
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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Are feminists really feminists?

Keri Hilson is widely known in the Hip Hop community as an extremely successful songwriter with many artists contracting her for her skills; Ciara, BeyoncĂ©, Britney Spears, and Usher are just to name a few. The subject matter of her songs usually deal along the lines of feminism, sexuality and female empowerment. The songs she writes for others are not only usually commercially successful but critically successful too. So what is it about Keri Hilson that she’s praised for writing songs like Gimme More but then criticized for her own music?

The most notable criticism of Ms Hilson surrounds her song and accompanying video The Way You Love Me. The edited version features heavy editing and noticeably modified lyrics which was praised by critics. The original and unedited version however was slated by critics stating that Keri is only using sex to sell records. One major example is in the edited version “I got the kind of lovin’ that’ll keep you off the streets”, and the original version “I got the kind of pussy that’ll keep you off the streets”. In one interview (Hot 97′s Angie Martinez) over the criticisms Keri said ”I’m just saying what women really think and feel and if I’m gonna be honest about myself, I have to show that side of myself,”.

A lot of the general public have criticized Keri too with a lot of people using words like “hoe”, “skank” and “slut”. What’s interesting to note is that the majority of these criticisms come from men which plays into stereotype that a sexual male in Hip Hop is a “player” whilst a sexual female is a “slut” or a “bitch”. Fighting double standards in Hip Hop seems to be a constant struggle for female artists (other than Keri) with artists like Nicki Minaj, Missy Elliott, Lil’ Kim, M.I.A. and to a lesser extent, Kreayshawn.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Improved Basic Camera Shots

Here I have uploaded a correct and improved version of my basic camera work.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Basic camera shots

Me and my partner George did some basic camera shots such as close ups, extreme close ups, long shots, extreme long shots, tracking, panning and tilting. Here is a short video to show all of the shots.

I added some text into the video to show what each shot was called. I did however do some wrong. Although I made some mistakes, I learned what they were actually called though seeing it for myself. I can now correct this mistake and re-upload another.

We tried to use the rule of thirds to give the shot some composition and a point of interest as well other basic techniques such as good head room.

Recording of personal views

Me and my class mates reflected over what we've learned and how we felt about the on going issue of how women are represented.
In the recording, you can see some clips of adverts of women that I have posted previously.
Overall, we feel that the way women are perceived is hurtful and demeaning. 

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Marina And The Diamonds criticises record label for refusing to release 'ugly' video

 "Marina Diamandis says she is ready to leak 'minger' version of the 'How To Be A Heartbreaker' vid..."

Marina And The Diamonds' Marina Diamandis has blasted her record label Atlantic for delaying the release her new music video because she looks 'ugly' in it.

The 'Primadonna' singer, who released her second album 'Electra Heart' in April, took to Twitter to express her anger at her label for not putting out the 'How To Be A Heartbreaker' promo clip, writing:

"So, someone at my record label wont let me release the video bc I look ugly in it apparently + we need more $ / time to paint out ugly parts"

The video was supposed to be released today (September 24), but will now be released later in the week. Diamandis added: "The video will be out end of the week. If not, I am happy to leak the 'minger' version for my fans."

The situation of an innocent young girl being told she isn't 'pretty' enough to make it is utterly disgusting.  She  said 'It really annoys me when Im compared to Lady Gaga and Lana Del Rey.'
The fact that we ourselves are brainwashed to like someone if they look a specific way. We go our day to day criticizing other women in society. Is it to make ourselves feel better or has it just become our common sense? This just proves that sexualization has taken over our mind are we are invited by media to believe it is normal.

Women throughout advertising

The small messages throughout this video clip allows us to realize what it is we are actually seeing through our day to day life. Most people have watched all these adverts and many more with out noticing the position of women, showing that it has almost become common sense. 

The advertising has gone from innocent women used for selling the product to their own gender to being shown as sexy. I think that the way women are shown selling objects objectifies themselves and makes them seem weak. 


This quote taken from the video clip shows that women are portrayed as a weak form. We still accept this objectification and do not see how we ourselves are demeaning other women.
From Very traditional women, we see them as sex objects in skimpy clothes and seductive positions to be almost erotic to men which shows that women's role in society has changed.